Why Dubsado Is The Best Business Management Solution For Your Startup

Dubsado can prove to be the best business management solution for your startup. It is built to cut the busywork. With this CRM, you can maintain client relationships, schedule appointments, and ace workflow management while streamlining your projects.
As a small business owner, you need a platform that is simple and easy for workflow management. Especially, client management since it is the backbone of all operations if your business is service-based.

Dubsado can prove to be the best business management solution for a small business looking for a cost-effective CRM. Right now, you may be used to sending invoices, creating proposals, and monitoring where leads are in the pipeline. It can all change with this sales CRM. Dubsado is a versatile tool that can help you reach more customers and streamline your projects effectively.

Key Features

1. Communication
Connect and interact with your clients through emails, forms, contracts, and invoices. All of this can be done from your own email address.

2. Automated Workflows
Create custom automated workflows to send emails and complete tasks. It is a fully automated function.

3. Integral Integration
Its integration capability lets you connect your email, calendar, and payment processor. You get everything in one place.

4. Follow Your Progress
Allows you to track leads, generate reports, financial goals, and make business decisions based on that.

5. Customizable
It lets you design customized forms, domains, and client portals that help with the branding of your business.

6. Stay On-Track
You can book appointments, create payment schedules, and send date-based reminders automatically. 


There are many reasons why you should choose Dubsado over other available options. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Catching The Leads

It’s the key component of any business’ success to generate the leads and also nurture them. Every potential customer you attract needs to be actively managed so they can be converted into new clients.  

With Dubsado, you can integrate a lead capture form on your website. It will capture leads and set off automated lead capture workflows. By using this feature, whenever someone shows interest in your business, they get catered to without any human assistance. Dubsado also includes a separate page for lead tracking. In this way, you can always keep an eye on your progress. 

  1. Automated Workflows

We are naming Dubsado as the best business management solution for a reason. The CRM you use must have the ability to streamline project management workflows. It greatly optimizes your work processes. Fortunately, this platform offers just that to speed things up. 

When project stages are finished, Dubsado automatically sends forms, emails, and issues an invoice. Don’t worry, you get complete control over these workflow triggers. At any time, you can go ahead and pause them. 

  1. Option To Create Client Portals

Dubsado offers a unified space for your clients to log in and view their invoices, forms, and emails. You just have to set up a custom portal for them and your clients will always have access to important items. If you’re wondering about the security of sensitive documents, this sales CRM can embed a password-protected login page for each portal.

  1. Send Invoices With Ease

You can keep your payments on track with Dubsado’s powerful invoicing feature. Set up custom payment schedules for your clients.  It lets you manage with installments, due dates, and auto follow-ups. What payment methods this sales CRM supports? Your clients can pay their invoices through Square, PayPal, or Stripe without any hassle.

  1. Build Custom Forms

Dubsado allows you to create interactive forms and detailed proposals for your clients. It presents you with two options. You can either choose one of their contact form templates to get started readily or create your own forms from scratch. 

Want to create legally binding contacts online? With Dubsado, this is possible too. You can even add e-signatures to your forms. But what about branding? Each contact form can be white-labeled and you can paste your branding to let customers recognize your company. 


Dubsado does have some drawbacks too that we wouldn’t like to keep from you. If you can get over these shortcomings, you have the best business management solution for your startup in the form of this sales CRM.

  1. Doesn’t Have A Mobile App

You will start a downhill journey of your business if you left the clients unattended. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, you need to be able to manage your clients 24/7. 

Mobile apps enable you to watch over your project developments at all times. The bad news is Dubsado’s platform does not have a mobile app. If you want to get anything done, you can still use your phone for some features but full features require your website view. However, we’ve been able to make the edits on mobile when in a pinch and it is quick and easy.

  1. Doesn’t have project overviews

This CRM has a project-based workflow.  Each workflow is set up under each project as a set of resolvable actions. This function may seem flexible at first but, it doesn’t allow you to get an overview of your projects and its tasks. It can be challenging to track a big list of leads because they are grouped into projects but it forces you to keep your tasks and projects organized in the right sections to avoid the chaos.

      3. Limitations in Document Sharing

On Dubsado, you can’t share important forms and documents outside of your project space. This makes it hard to use these documents for bookkeeping purposes and keep an external record of what’s going on. There are zaps and integrations they are working on to better this aspect.

So, all in all…the Pros outweigh the Cons for a small business that wants a cost-effective CRM to track from Lead to Client.

Ready to try it?

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