Top 12 Reasons Why Gusto Is The Best Payroll & HR Partner For Your Small Business 

Hesitating while choosing Gusto for your small business? We will give you many reasons why it is the best cloud-based payroll, benefits, and HR management software to support your team.

Top 12 Reasons Why Gusto Is The Best Payroll & HR Partner For Your Small Business
Hesitating while choosing Gusto for your small business?

For most people payroll can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. If you get your hands on the perfect tools, it doesn’t have to be. There are many payroll systems in the market but Gusto seems to check all the boxes for us. It is a highly automated platform that takes the headache out of handling payroll.

Because of its usability, Gusto holds a special appeal for small business people who are new to payroll. However, experienced administrators can benefit from it all the same. Its solid set of processing, payroll setup, and reporting tools, as well as its excellent support, has made everyone love Gusto.

Why Gusto Is The Best Payroll And HR Solution For Your Business

Below we’ll talk about all the reasons why Gusto is our favorite HR management software.

1. Its Interface Is User-Friendly

Gusto was designed to take the pain out of handling payroll. Navigating through this program is a piece of cake and it syncs seamlessly with accounting platforms like Xero, Timesheets, and QuickBooks. This is not all! The onboarding process on Gusto is very smooth. Also, its intuitive model makes tracking benefits, requesting vacation, or PTO a breeze.

2. Easy Integration

This payroll provider effortlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero which we also use at Acuity. In addition to that, it also works with expense management partner, Expensify. The convenience doesn’t stop here. Gusto accommodates a few time-tracking Softwares including Homebase and TSheets. Sales and practice management platforms also fuse well with it. 

3. Matchless Level Of Support

No other competitor comes close to Gusto when it comes to customer support. They have employed a reliable support team with adequate knowledge of the product. Their team is readily available to help with any issues that you may encounter. You can reach Gusto’s customer care via phone, email, and chat. In addition to VIP support, Gusto regularly posts various guides on their site to provide learning assistance.

4. You Get A Unified Place 

For HR management, you need everything to be in one place. Gusto unifies your workspace very well. It efficiently manages your small business whether you’re at your desk or on the go. You just have to log in and payroll processes will run for you. In addition to a desktop platform, their website also works smoothly on mobile which is a huge plus. Gusto goes where you go!

5. It Makes User Access Exciting

Employees get to access their Gusto accounts with ease. You can do a lot with this program as a user. You can update your bank information, view a paycheck stub, and can even choose a charity to donate to. On your payday, the platform sends you a “Hooray! You got paid!” email that makes the experience even more delightful.

6. It Is Affordable

Gusto has three different subscription tiers that are very robust: Core, Complete, Concierge. Almost any small business can afford them. Before signing up for any plan, they let you test-drive it to see if it fits your venture. A whole month of free service! All plans to utilize this platform start at $45 a month but, the rates vary per employee you register on it.

7. It helps With Talent Acquisition

Gusto can help you attract and retain talent in your company. It sends out automated offers to candidates you’re interested in extending an offer to, manages time off, and gathers employee feedback. It is a great way to monitor team morale within your firm and ensure excellent performance as well.  

8. It Offers You Free Resources

Gusto presents to you the Salary comparison tool. It allows you to find out the average salary of positions you’re hiring for, both statewide and nationwide. It also offers a free New hire checklist. It ensures you complete all the right paperwork every time you bring in a new hire. The Payroll tax calculator is also available in Gusto to check how much you will have to pay in taxes when getting a new employee.

9. It’s Cheaper Than ADP

Given ADP’s custom quote system, it can be an ordeal accessing their pricing. However, one thing is for sure, most small businesses will end up paying twice as much for ADP as they would with Gusto. You can file 1099s and W2s through both of them, though only included with Gusto for free; ADP charges extra.

10.  It Leads In Functionality Compared To ADP

With Gusto, you get online profiles of employees and accounts they can use. The platform offers fun facts, surveys, and sick/vacation time tracking. Guess what! ADP is missing all that. Moreover, the former is dramatically more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly than the latter. If usability and aesthetics matter at all, Gusto is the clear victor.

11.  It Costs Less Than Intuit

One can almost miss it that Intuit has a seemingly lower price but, it comes at a cost. It has a higher base price, but a lower price per employee. Depending on the number of employees, the total monthly/yearly prices are likely to look the same or even less than Gusto. However, Intuit takes $16 out of your pocket for each year-end 1099 file, whereas when tax time comes around, Gusto doesn’t bother you with any charges.

12.  It Gives More Service Than Intuit

Intuit Online Payroll doesn’t wholly serve you. It isn’t fully automated. The business owner or the accountant of the firm will have to fill forms and cut checks himself/herself every month. If something goes under your nose, you will be the one to deal with the IRS. You know, what is priceless? Gusto manages the relationship with the state and the IRS, so you don’t need to sit on hold for an hour at a time. 


We really think Gusto is a great payroll provider. That means we could go on and on about why you should shift your business to it. So, it’s better that you take a look at it for yourself. Get started with Gusto here.